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May 28 2017

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Val D'Ultimo in South Tyrol, Italy

More than 150 years ago this house was built on ground-level. In 1882, a rogue flood caused by a near stream swept away the surroundings, but the cabin has withstood the flood. Surprisingly a giant rock appeared under the cabin, which saved the house and its residents from being swept away.

Submitted by Stefan Mahlknecht / @stefan_mahl

May 14 2017

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What a beautiful forest

May 16 2016

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March 02 2016

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Jan 4, 2016

I think the Free Syria building in Cleveland

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So tell me what your story is

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Sunken City #graffiti #westcoast #losangeles #la #california #sunkencity #sunset (at Sunken City)

January 10 2016

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1. to reveal or expose. 

2. to betray. 

Etymology: from Middle English bewraien, equivalent to be-, word-forming element with a wide range of meaning: “thoroughly, completely; to make, cause seem; to provide with; at, on, to, for” + wraien, from Old English wrēgan, “to accuse”, cognate with Old High German ruogen (German rügen), Gothic wrohjan.

[Dan Hillier - Unmasked]

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Sculpture by artist Emil Melmoth. Of his work Melmoth says “Death is living forever on my mind, a self-portrait of so many changes i had recently and how i see myself inside. “Death as the Arcane XIII or Transfiguration”(work in progress) 

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